SCG to Cosmic Frog Converter

Optilogic is excited to announce the release of the SCG Converter for early access use! The SCG Converter will receive a model in Supply Chain Guru© format (.scgm and .mdf) and convert to the Optilogic Anura schema.

As the product is in early access, not all fields are currently translated into the Optilogic Anura schema. Items such as Scenarios and User Defined Fields are not being converted at this time. They will be included in the converter in a later release. You can make changes to your data models using Update/Insert queries in the Cloud Storage or SQL Editor page.

To try this feature first click on the username drop down menu - located in the top right corner of the Optilogic app.

Converter Drop Down

From there you can click on the SCG Converter tab. This is going to redirect you to the Supply Chain Guru© Model Converter page where you will name your database and select the SCG model to convert and then select “Convert to Anura.”

Converter Upload Page

Do not click away from the screen as your model is uploading. After the upload is complete, you will be redirected to the Cloud Storage Browser while the model is converted to the Anura schema. At this time, it is safe to click away from the page as your conversion will still be taking place.

Converter Uploading Page

Once the conversion is complete you will be redirected to the SQL Editor page where you can start executing queries on your new Anura database! You will have access to three different folders: the new Anura database, Anura outputs, and the original .scg file as well!

Converter Completed Page