Data Utilities


There are four main methods for adding data to the Atlas Studio​:

1. Drag/Drop

    • Select the files you wish to move into Atlas​
    • Hold selection(s) and drag into your desired Atlas folder
    drag drop

    2. Upload tool​

    • Right click the folder where you wish to add files
    • Select the file(s)
    • Select open
    upload tool

    3, OneDrive​

    one drive sdk

    4. Leverage API code​

      • Connect your local OneDrive to your Atlas account for data synchronization via Alteryx Upload​ or Python Upload​

      Expected Results

      These four data utilities allows your to seamlessly connect your workspaces to Atlas by using tools you are already familiar with to integrate and synchronize your data. Additionally, our coding templates allows for users to start from a library of pre-made tested resources to make work accessible and efficient .