04_Cosmic Frog Data Model – Anura Schema

Cosmic Frog Data Model – Anura Schema 

The Anura data model is the paradigm for Supply Chain Design modeling within Optilogic. It is:

  • A collection of standard data objects that can be read by Optilogic algorithms​
  • A design structure between a MIP formulation and raw company data​
  • A repository for company data​
  • The way Opitlogic enables users to solve PhD problems without a PhD​
  • The data structure we use to build mathematical versions of supply chains​

The Anura data model enables design and contains:​

  • Elements (nodes)
  • Policies (relationships)​
  • Constraints (rules)​
  • Additional details (everything else)​

Feeds the algorithms to support and enable design​:

  • Neo - Mixed Integer Programming (MIP)​
  • Throg - Simulation (SIM)​
  • Risk ​

The Anura Schema provides a set of parameters to better understand everything we need and can put into supply chain structures. Imagine the model being a transparent box representing our design. Some templates can be found here

supply chain diagram