How to Setup and Use Microsoft OneDrive

Syncing Microsoft OneDrive to the Optilogic Platform

Connecting your OneDrive account to the Optilogic platform enables a user to work with their pre-existing files and keep them in sync. This improves collaboration amongst teams because you have the flexibility to easily update changes to OneDrive while working with a platform you are already family with.  It also enables users to leverage permission control as part of OneDrive for any sensitive files and/or data.  Only OneDrive folders/files that the user has access to are available to sync to the Optilogic platform.

Storage Space

Anything you sync with your Optilogic Account from OneDrive uses up your Standard Optilogic storage space which can be found when you navigate to Cloud Storage. It will show your Storage Capacity and Storage Used which in this case is 150 GB and 0.1 GB respectively. 

OneDrive Storage

How to Setup OneDrive

First navigate to the left hand side Cloud Storage page (1). Secondly click Add Connection (2) to add a Local Drive Name (3) and receive an authentication code (4).  

OneDrive Sync

Once you copy your code, a window with pop up for you to select your account and allow permissions. 

Once this is completed, a connection has been established. Mark each folder or file you would like added to your Optilogic account and then click "Update Tracked Items." This allows you to specify which folders and files you would like to work on from your OneDrive account through your Optilogic account or vice versa. 

update tracked items

How to Use OneDrive

By pressing the refresh icon, you can add and edit files directly from your OneDrive and your Optilogic account as long as you select and "Update Tracked Items" again.

refresh onedrive

Similarly, you can add and edit files from your Optilogic account that directly update to your OneDrive account by navigating to the OneDrive Push right click menu option. 

OneDrive Push

You can also run code files from your OneDrive account directly in your Optilogic account by accessing the file and clicking "Run In Studio" or "Run as Job."

onedrive studio run

File History

As you update your OneDrive from your computer or from Atlas, details of changes within your account can be detailed within your File History. It shows via the up and down arrows when something is being pushed (up arrow), pulled (down arrow) or in process syncing to OneDrive/Optilogic.

File History